Thursday, August 28, 2014

TEDx Runs

I had no idea there were so many TEDx talks related to running. Here’s a collection of running related talks that I've found. Most are pretty inspiring. Have fun watching!

Running forward to alleviate homelessness: Anne Mahlum at TEDxAustin

While running through the streets of Philadelphia, Anne's mission caught up with her.

Dispelling the belief that those currently experiencing homelessness don't have what it takes to be runners, she founded, an expanding model that addresses this issue with empathy, accountability and fresh sneakers.

With chapters forming around the country, everyone will have the chance to run in the right direction, empowering them to change their perceptions of themselves and what is possible. 

The runner's low - depression & the badwater ultra marathon: Hannah Roberts at TEDxHonolulu

Hannah grew up mostly in southern Delaware and attended the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland for her undergraduate studies. She commissioned as an ensign in the navy and met her ship in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. While on sea duty and between deployments, Hannah became very involved in ultra endurance sports, including running and cycling. Happiest on technical single track mountain trails, she trained for the 2012 Badwater 135-mile ultra marathon while underway on the destroyer Hopper, based out of Pearl Harbor. She was one of the youngest runners in Badwater. Visit for more information.

TEDxHull - Robin Harvie - Running To The Edge

Everyone has their limits. But what happens when we hit them Endurance running, the simplest of extreme sports, takes us to the edge of our physical and mental capacity and distils that experience of destruction and empowerment into its purest form to reveal to true boundaries of human possibility.

From couch to ultra marathon: Bill Hoffman at TEDxAlbany 2013

Bill Hoffman is the founder of Kitware and currently serves as the company's Vice President and Chief Technical Officer. He spoke at TEDx Albany 2013 about his journey "From Couch to Ultra Marathon in 2.5 years."

Zoe likes to run: Zoe Romano at TEDxCharlottesville 2013

ZoĆ« Romano really likes to run. In 2011, she ran 2,800 miles across the US, churning out 30 miles a day to become the first female to complete such a trek without a support vehicle. And, along the way she raised more than $15,000 for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Romano was struck by the power of this "odyssey run" — for her own growth as well as for others.

Romano strongly holds the belief that everyone is capable of achieving the extraordinary and that endurance athletics are a powerful platform for advocating this philosophy. Her mission is to engage local and global communities in her odyssey running as a way to inspire them to not just dream big dreams, but to go do them. She first fell in love with running while a student at the University of Richmond, earning degrees in Spanish and International Studies, magna cum laude, in 2009. She is currently a freelance writer and tutors Spanish in Richmond.

While she is one of a few hundred people who have run across the U.S., Romano's next odyssey is to be the first person to run the Tour de France. She started May 18 and will be running through the summer...

The game theory/ultra running connection: Lisa Donchak at TEDxSacramento

Running is a mental game. How do ultramarathoners motivate themselves to run 20, 50, or 100- mile races? It turns out that running is as much a mental game as a physical game.

Lisa Donchak is a Business Strategist for Google: Google Apps. She's an accomplished ultramarathoner, having completed over 20 marathons and ultramarathons, including four 50-mile races and a 100-mile race, as well as the 2012 Boston Marathon by the time she was 24. Earlier this year, she competed in the first annual Inca Trail Marathon, a 26.2-mile race at 13,000 feet of altitude, ending in Machu Picchu.

Lisa graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California, Santa Cruz. During her undergraduate career, she studied behavioral economics at Oxford University and helped spearhead the first undergraduate program in game theory at UCSC. She currently lives in San Francisco, California and aspires to run a marathon on every continent.

TEDxDubbo - Tristan Miller - Inspirational Talk: 52 Marathons In 52 Weeks

Tristan Miller is "that guy", the one who ran 52 international marathons in 52 weeks in 2010.

Tristan Miller spent many years working in ad sales, before the "call of the wild" took hold. In the Global Economic Crisis of 2009/10, Tristan lost his job at Google when they shut down the Melbourne office. Instead of looking for a new job, he decided to take on a new challenge.

He sold everything, laid out an extraordinary strategy and left Australian shores to attempt to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks -- 42 countries, 7 continents -- raising money for the charities, UNICEF and Facing Africa. Tristan's crazy idea turned into an epic journey as he traipsed the world, mostly alone, to see what it was like to run around the planet. He ran in all the major international marathons, including New York, London, Berlin and Tokyo, but also found himself in Rwanda, Mongolia and on Easter Island, in Chile, to name a few. He even ran across the frozen fields of Antarctica!

TEDxPhoenixville - Christopher McDougall - Barefoot Running

Author of the New York Times Bestseller, "Born to Run," Chris shares his conviction that the secret to happiness is right at your feet with sharp wit and wild exuberance.

TEDxYALE - Sam Fox - Run While You Can

Sam Fox, Yale '09 graduate, talks about his experience completing running along the entire Pacific Coast Trail from Canada to Mexico for

Wanted - a runner with soul: Gai Ben Dor at TEDxIDC

An online ad stating: "Wanted: A Runner with Soul" led Gai Ben Dor and his father to embark on a challenging and inspiring journey; guiding a blind person all the way to the special Olympic marathon and later a climb to Mount Everest!! Inspired by the success of their journey, Gai initiated a groundbreaking project; he established a running group for people with physical, mental or cognitive disabilities, enabling them to run for the first time in their lives. Through this project, Gai and other volunteers help these people overcome impossible challenges and experience significant moments of hope and happiness in their lives. This unbelievable group of people just finished climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dozer the Marathon Dog

E:60 - Marathon Dog

On May 15, 2011, the Maryland Half Marathon had an unusual and unexpected competitor - a four-legged canine named Dozer. E:60 takes you to the course and reveals how Dozer reached the finish line and bested thousands of runners.

The World is Filled with Noise

Arc'teryx - Silence

Interesting video from Arc'teryx. an outdoors gear and apparel manufacturer. The only product shots that I was able to notice were Solomon shoes and hydration pack.

Either way I can very much relate to the message in this video.