Thursday, April 18, 2013

Perspectives Change

Last week I was slightly frustrated as the whole running community was focused on the 26.2 mile road event in Boston, while I was intent on finishing 31 undulating miles on the trails of the Metacomet Trail.

My comparison was going to be about the physical challenges and difficulties of the trail event vs. that of the marathon in Boston. I had even gone so far as to have posted a elevation profile comparison of the two events on my facebook page. (At some point, I will  return write a a race report about The Traprock 50k.)

Since the tragic events on Monday the focus has turned to the emotional strength that is required by the city of Boston and the entire running and marathon community.

There are so many writers who are so much better with words than I, that I don't know that I can express myself better than they already have.

Over the last week, I have read so many inspirational posts and articles from facebook pages and blogs to the multimedia pages from the major news outlets that bring tears to my eyes that I couldn't even begin to list them here...

If your reading this your probably already in-tune with the community and if your not, I've been re-posting some of the things I find especially moving on my Facebook page.

Either way, I need to express my gratitude to the running community.

We are a special in so many ways:

There is no group that can come together in the face of anguish and inspire each other and provide such inspiration.

This is the community that has raised more funds for research and social good than any other.

This is the community that has inspired individuals to achieve more than any of us had ever imagined possible.

We are runners and this community knows that we are all special and that we can accomplish great things.

We will not be intimidated by the negative or what others say is impossible!

You only make us stronger!

We overcome our fears and our anxieties on every run!

When we struggle, all we have to do is see the thumbs up from another runner on the road or on the trail and we're inspired once agin to push on.

The determination and fortitude of a runner is like none other!

Thinking that an act of terrorism can impact our lives is a futile!

We will create memorial events commemorating this cowardly act and individuals for years to come will run with inspiration.

Thanks for the motivation...

We are runners!!!

When I cross the finish line this weekend, my hand will be over my heart #handsoverhearts in tribute to the city of Boston.

And you can bet I wont be the only one.