Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Plantar Fasciitis is Not at All Funny

Recently I had a conversation a with a runner friend, we chatted briefly about the fall events we were training plantar fasciitis.
for when she revealed that she was having difficulty sticking to her training plan because she was suffering from

For a moment crickets could be heard because I too have experienced the excruciating pain that plantar can inflict.

When I was suffering from plantar, I felt a stabbing pain in my arch and heel when I took my first few steps in the morning, I hobbled down the stairs like an old man.I was in absolute misery. At it's worst my feet felt uncomfortably hot and ached throughout the entire day.

I tried inserts, cushioned socks and while at work I rolled my arches back and forth on a couple of tennis balls I kept under my desk, but nothing worked.

One morning and in a semi-consciousness state, I wriggled loose the sheets at the foot of the bed. I poked both feet out into the cool morning air and I rotated my ankles and pointed my toes up and down and every which way. I rubbed my feet together and enjoyed how comforting and relaxing it was.

When it was time to get out of bed, there was no pain. And every time I repeated the luxurious ritual I wouldn't experience the stabbing pain and little by little the debilitating pain was no longer haunting me and I was able to return to running.

The morning pamper became something I did without even thinking about it, I would find my self stretching and rotating my ankles unconsciously a few minutes before the alarm would go off or during those blissful moments after I hit the snooze alarm.
I shared my experience with my friend and told her that I know it sounds silly, and if you don't have a sleigh-bed, just hang your feet of the foot of the bed and rotate them and rub them together and point your toes up and down... it feels good and you'll feel better.

Well, I saw her this weekend and she was happy to report that it worked for her too. She said she really noticed the days she didn't do it and agreed that it's so easy to do you don't even need to be fully awake to make your day better.

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