Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Should Have Known Better (and I do)

So I've been training for a Spring Marathon (Shires of Vermont), and I noticed a bit of wear on my running shoes, I've put quite a few miles on my shoes, trained and ran a Fall Marathon in them in addition to the training I've put in for this Spring.

I thought, hey, do something good for yourself and get a new pair you've earned them (an I've had my eye on a particular style & color for quite some time).

I knew it wouldn't be smart to run the marathon in them... god, who doesn't know that...that would just be stupid.

So the shoes arrived last week and they were beautiful, light, clean and no wear and tear from miles of training. I couldn't wait to give them a try but I was suffering from a mild cold so they would have to wait till I felt better.
So last Sunday, (3 weeks away from my marathon) I couldn't wait to get out and do one last moderate distance run before the dreaded taper.

And there they were, my virgin shoes, how could I resist? I couldn't just leave them behind, so I took them with me "just in case" I wanted to wear them... and I did!

I did a 10.5 mile run wearing my new shoes, the run was tough since I was recovering from the cold and it was considerably warmer and more humid than it had been throughout my training. The shoes felt fine.. or at least I thought they did.

I got home and revealed a newly blackened toe nail, I had to pop the blood blister and hope it would toughen up enough before the marathon. It's a little tender now, but in my experience the pain will subside and I'll be able to run the 26.2.

I should have known better to be wary of the temptations new running shoes can bring. I'm just thankful I made this poor choice 3 weeks out and not any closer to judgement day.