Monday, January 31, 2011

It's too easy to let the demons win

Last fall I finished my 1st marathon in six years with some pretty decent results. It felt great, I swore I was back in the game. I began researching spring marathons and emailing race directors asking questions about support and lodging.
But since the fall I feel like I crashed, the days have gotten short, darkness surrounds my morning and evening workout times making anything other than a treadmill workout a risky venture. The weekends are cold, the roads are narrow because of the snow and a hundred other excuses including my favorite - going out for a big breakfast.

So this weekend, as I was conveniently finding time enough to have a few beers and a cigar,  I decided enough was enough, it's time to take that unfinished marathon entry form off the 'fridge, write the check and mail it in.
May 15th, there it is, a commitment. That that should be motivation enough to get myself out on the road for weekend long runs and pursue my morning treadmill workouts with vigor and purpose.

I will be doing a series of challenging spring "King of the Mountains" events. I will look forward to the 2 to 3 minutes that each day gets slightly longer than it's predecessor.

Take that you demons, I'm registered. Marathon Training starts tomorrow, no more procrastinating because it's cold or dark or whatever escape comes to mind. I got another medal to earn!